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Temporary Girlfriend 3-Oikawa Tooru x Reader
Knock. Knock. Knock.
That must be Tooru. "Coming!"
You grabbed your beach bag and went to open the door. You opened the door and you were greeted with a very fine looking Tooru. He wore white shorts and a tight pink shirt that showed off his biceps and abs really well. You couldn't help but stare. Of course you saw him in the gym every practice so you were aware of how toned he just didn't realized how good her looked- 
" (Name)-chan are you just going to stand there and check me out?"
You looked up to find Tooru smirking. Your cheeks flared up at his comment.
"Well, I'm your girlfriend. I can check you out anytime I want.", you shot back smiling smugly when you saw his face flush as pink as his shirt. He wasn't the only one who could make the other flustered.
You turned to close the door when you caught sight of yourself in the mirror that was facing the door that you were wearing a blouse the exact same color as Tooru's shirt. 
Tooru saw the realization flash ac
:iconsierrapierce:SierraPierce 77 8
Temporary Girlfriend 2- Oikawa Tooru x Reader
You were never physically nor sexually attracted to Oikawa Tooru. He was just a childhood friend. And that's all he's been and will ever be.
Well what you didn't know was that you were dead wrong.
You looked over the weeks schedule. Leave on Monday, arrive around lunch time. Tuesday till Friday you all could whatever you wanted. Saturday you'd head back to school.
The ride to the resort was marred with passing scenery, really bad jokes and a veeeryyyy touchy "boyfriend".
"(Name)-chan sit on my lap so you can see outside better!", he cooed, patting his lap.
" thanks. I'm not giving you a free lap session, Oikawa."
"Awww, so mean (Name)-chan!! I'm your boyfriend now so call me Tooru!"
You tensed at the thought of calling Oikawa 'Tooru'. I mean, you used to do it but now you don't. Why did you stop in the first place?
"..Fine, just let me enjoy the ride ok, Tooru?"
At that, your boyfriend hummed happily and pu
:iconsierrapierce:SierraPierce 79 7
Temporary Girlfriend 1 - Oikawa Tooru x Reader
In which the Aoba Johsai VBC is off for a week vacation at a beach resort. You're the manager. You've been childhood friends with Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru.
"Huh....serves you right you idiot. What did you expect, Asskawa? That she'd stay with you while you flirt with everybody else? If you thought that then your even stupider that I thought you were, Trashkawa.", the familiar drone of Iwaizumi's nagging made its way to your ears.
"But Iwa-chan! I can't ignore my fangirls just because I have a girlfriend. I need to keep the rest of them interested too!", Oikawa shot back, dodging a punch from Iwaizumi.
"Ehh, Oikawa-senpai, your girlfriend broke up with you again?"
"I don't think that your the type of guy that can keep their girlfriend for more than a week, senpai."
You laughed at Kindaichi and Kunimi's comments. But in all honesty, even you didn't think Oikawa would be abl
:iconsierrapierce:SierraPierce 103 5
such a tsundere // oikawa tooru
You were reading some fanfictions when you were disturbed by the phone ringing. “Yes?” You answered, “(f/n)-chan, hello! I'm coming by, okay?” Oikawa replies, “W-What?! Why? I'm busy, Trashykawa! Don't you dare come by!” You reject, you heard Oikawa laugh on the other line. “Too bad I'm already here. See you (f/n)-chan! I love you~!” Before you could respond, the line went off. You groaned, changing your attire into your pajamas. It was only your boyfriend, Oikawa Tooru, who's visiting. So you didn't worry about your attire, He DID saw you multiple times in your pajamas. You were continuing to read fanfictions when you heard the doorbell. “Coming.” You yell, on your way to the door when you see it open swiftly. “(f/n)-chaan! I'm home!” You felt your eye twitch. Oikawa brought you into a hug and kissed your cheek, making you wipe his kiss and stick your tongue to him. “You're only coming by, right? No k
:iconinfinitai:Infinitai 80 6
so adorable // hinata shouyou
“I won't let you win this time, Hinata-kun.”
Hinata's lips curled into a smile, most likely to insult the (h/c) haired girl
“Really, (f/n)-chan? When was the last time you won?”
The girl pouted, blushing as she looks away
“Well, you wanna know when? If you stop doing that same technique you do all the time! Stop cheating, Hinata-kun!”
(f/n) crossed her arms, pouting as she looks away
She's just too adorable. Hinata thinks.
“How about I treat you meat buns, (f/n)-chan? To make it up to you, of course!”
The girl's mood changed immediately. Her eyes showing interest, she smiled at the orange haired.
“Really, Hinata-kun? If you insist!”
Both of them skipped their way to the store, bumping on Kageyama on the way as well.
Kageyama was supposed to be irritated, but when you saw him he was trying to smile, which send shivers down your spine.
“K-Kageyama-kun! G-Gomenasai! It's just.. your smile.” The girl manage
:iconinfinitai:Infinitai 100 2
senpai // nishinoya yuu
Nishinoya blushed, hearing the voice he always loved - especially with the senpai
“(f/n)-chan! What are you doing here?” Nishinoya asks his hyper girlfriend, (f/n) smiled and hugged Nishinoya
“Well, I missed you, so, I decided to watch you practice!” (f/n) exclaimed, smiling at Nishinoya brightly
Nishinoya blushed even red, looking at his teammates who are giggling like little girls

“Nishinoya-kun, hello?” The (h/c) haired girl started waving her hand in front of Nishinoya
Realization hit Nishinoya. hard. “It was only just my imagination?!” Nishinoya yelled in frustration, covering his face
(f/n) literally jumped in surprise, “Imagination? what are you talking about?” Nishinoya took a deep breath and looked at (f/n) with such an adorable face, making the girl blush furiously
“Don't laugh, okay? and promise me you won't break our friendship over this,” Nishinoy
:iconinfinitai:Infinitai 136 8
Bruises. || Yuu Nishinoya X Reader
       You hated the idea of confrontation. Hated the idea of speaking out, or telling someone about your problem. You wanted to, but what if they still came after you, then having the motivation and the reason to even hurt, even kill, you.
       “(L/n)-chan, you look paler than usual… Are you feeling alright?” You looked up where your good friend Nishinoya stood, his hair slicked up like usual with the stupid blonde tuff in the front; God, you wanted to get rid of it, but at the same time you loved it.
You could never tell him about your problem, then he’d get involved, too. You didn’t want him to get angry or do something he might regret… again. Volleyball was going on, and without him the team just wouldn’t be the same.
       “Oh, I’m fine Nishinoya-kun
:iconkawaiiplum:KawaiiPlum 169 14
Braids. || Kozume Kenma X Reader
       “(F/n), what are you even doing?” Kenma asked as he played Super Smash Bros on his 3DS, glancing back at your cute, squishy face. You slightly giggled and continued to run your hand through his long hair. He liked it when you did stuff like this, it just felt… natural for you to. And you enjoyed doing it, too; he was just like a cat. One time he even purred when you did it!
       He continued to watch you as you did something with his long, dyed blonde hair. You looked at him and gasped making him jump slightly. His gold eyes flickered towards his DS where his character had lost; not even a second place loss, a last place loss; the worst lost in the history of all losses!
       “Whoa, Kozume, are you okay? You never lose…” You looked at him. He didn’t a
:iconkawaiiplum:KawaiiPlum 223 11
Fake. || Hinata X Reader
Trigger Warning: This story will touch on the topic of depression and self-harm. Please advise.
         It was getting harder and harder for you to continue through the days. Your fake smile was getting more noticeable and your slow steps were now dragging. Before at least you could fix your hair, hide your red eyes and indents on your arms, but now, everyone was seeming to notice your façade.
         Though, the one naïve boy who had kept you holding on for so long didn’t so much as blink. He would never understand, and it was okay with you. You didn’t want him to notice. You never wanted him to know what was really going on.
         It was currently twilight and it was the beautiful night you had seen in years. The clear sky showed thousands upon
:iconkawaiiplum:KawaiiPlum 104 14
Help. || Tsukishima Kei X Reader
Trigger Warning - This Story Includes: The Use of Alcohol. You Have Been Warned.
       Why did he always tease you? Why did he always cut you down? Why, in general, did he even notice you? I mean, no one else did…
       “(L/n)-chan, are you alright? You don’t look too well.” You slowly looked up from the blank homework sheet lying on your desk to see Tadashi looking at you with worry. The bags under your eyes were very, very noticeable today. He was just the only one to care and check up on you.
       “Y-Yea! Yamaguchi-kun, I’m fine! I just didn’t get much sleep last night…” Well, it wasn’t a lie. You didn’t get much sleep last night, and woke up feeling like shit, all because you had downed too much sake last night. Sometimes,
:iconkawaiiplum:KawaiiPlum 102 7
Memories. || Tooru Oikawa X Reader
       “(F/n)-chaaaaannn~! Look, isn’t this your favorite color? You can use it to draw now! Now thank me with a kiss~!” A young Tooru had said, handing a younger you a (f/c) crayon as you drew many random things on a blank sheet of paper. He was leaning down, eyes closed and cheek pointed toward your direction. You had looked up at him and scoffed pulling at his curly brown hair harshly. Then, out of literally nowhere, said, “I hate that color.”
       In actuality, you loved the color, just hated the kid. You thought he was too happy, and a bit cocky, too. He pouted and sat next to you on the mat-covered floor, leaning his head on your shoulder and closing his eyes as he sighed, “(F/n)-chan, how many times do I have to try to get you to like me before you finally fall in love with me~?” He said, making your face explode a bright red from embarrassment.
:iconkawaiiplum:KawaiiPlum 126 13
A Day at the Lake | Izuku Midoriya X Reader

Prompt: Skipping rocks at the lake.
The lakes were a great part of where you lived; they were the places where you would go to skip rocks in your younger years. Normally you would have been alone here, just like back then, but this time you had someone with you, someone very special; your boyfriend Izuku Midoriya. A very cute young man with the curliest of hair; oh, how you just wanted to cuddle the boy whenever he did something cute! Though, here you both are, skipping rocks to see who can make it the farthest instead of having the cuddling session that you’ve been wanting. The reason? You made a bet you could beat him in a rock skipping contest; so far, it wasn’t going so well on your end.
“Izuku, you’re such a cheater! You’re super strong, so obviously you’re going to go farther that I do!” You exclaimed, throwing a small and flat pebble as hard as you could at the lakes surface, only getting two or three skips before it begin
:iconkawaiiplum:KawaiiPlum 90 35
Awake. (Izuku Midoriya x Reader) || Soulmate AU

For: TadaKari
Colour: Pine Green
Character: Izuku Midoriya
Genre: Romance
Prompt / Quote / Song: "You're not hurt, are you?"/"You're going to be a great hero one day!"
Additional Info: SoulMate AU! How about Izuku saves her from one of Kacchan's blasts, getting himself hurt in the process.
Word Count: 964
His words come in bits and pieces to you-- your sleeps are never peaceful enough to remember his face, if you've even dreamt at all.
You began to get your soulmate dreams six months ago, and though you knew it wouldn't help, you purchased the best-selling Soulmate Dreams for Dummies official guide. At least you'd have something to read on those nights you couldn't fall asleep.
"The basic rules are as follows-- one soulmate can see through the eyes of the other if they are asleep and dreaming, and the other is awake. Nobody know
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 61 9
Izuku Midoriya x Reader - Help
        "Sometimes being a hero just means being helpful."

        The freckled boy was wandering in circles, you were sure of it now. There was no way he was just passing by the window of your dad's flower shop twice every five minutes on accident, right? Was he looking for someone or something? You wondered what it was that caused him to hang out on your block that particular afternoon. 
For the eighteenth time, you saw him coming up the sidewalk, before it looked like he saw someone and he turned sharply into your family store. Your giggle pierced the air of the nearly silent retail space. He looked up from beneath his curly forest green hair that looked like a ton of fun to run your fingers through.
        "Hiding from someone?" The boy nodded, hair bouncing.
        "Yeah.  A childhood friend.  He wa
:iconmelynie:Melynie 91 4
i like you! | midoriya x reader
mutter, mutter, mutter, mutter...
"the possibilities of this are endless. on one hand, she could reject me, ignore me forever no matter how much i try to approach her, she could slap me in front of everyone, or, worse, she could say she likes kacchan instead of me-"
izuku snapped out of his thoughts, and turned around to look at you. you huffed out your cheeks. "finally! what's wrong?" you asked, and izuku stared at you blankly for a moment, then turned around, not answering you.
he's not answering me!
"deku-chan! what on earth is wrong with you?!" you asked, hitting the top of his head with a textbook. izuku turned back around to look at you. "w-well, i..uh.." he stuttered, not looking you in the eye anymore. you've never been this confused. and he's never been this nervous around you. "t-there's this one girl i want to confess to, and, well, uh..i'm scared to." he sheepishly said, his face growing redder and redder. you
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 40 9
Park Bench by Pyangsi Park Bench :iconpyangsi:Pyangsi 16 0



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Hi guys! So yeah SketchyRae needs commissions again if you guts can't, please spread the news to your watchers or to some friends that needs a commission. Her main art page is here~~~~>

Thank you for reading this. The commission details are below. Bye~!

URGENT $10 Fullbodies + $100 Scenery IllustrationI can't even--:iconlazepoolplz: Alright, it's about the rent again and I'm short on budget~ ;;^;; We also have loans to pay and ugh~ :iconcryforeverplz: we need help~
COMMISSION 1: $10 Flats

I'll offer fullbody flat colour with transparent background in 300dpi. They'll all be in a group with other characters for minimal uploading. ;w;Send me a note with your commission request. + VISUAL REFERENCES NEEDED! Even Google images of clothes, hair, accessories, ETC. I cannot stress you enough how important this is. ;;w;;Only standing poses! It'll be consistent with the other poses.I can draw : OC/FC/FanArt, Humans, Anthros/Furries, Any couples(SFW), Ask me
I will not draw : NSFW, Pornography, Veeeerry detailed armours and weapons(plaid patterns are alright~!)
Additional fees apply for an

Making FanArt Available! qwq/Notice : Most of my earnings will go to rent, so I needed as much earnings every month. Also, please be patient with me~ ;A; <3
I wanted to draw them for my followers, but I needed to finish commissions. So last night, I decided to make FanArt available for a higher chance of commissioners. It'll also give me different FAs. I'd finally draw your favourite~! ;;w;;
UPDATE : Finally loaded the thumbnails. ; v ;
❤ Please consider supporting my Patreon for a sustainable job! ❤
Portrait = $5
Halfbody = $10
Fullbody = $15
Rendered (HALF-OFF price for additional characters!
Portrait = $15 ( Except this one. ;^; )
Halfbody = $20
Fullbody = $40
Extra charges:
Backgrounds / Scenery
Custom Interaction (Applies with two or more characters. Hugging is free~)
Complex clothing
Additional items/weapon(s) ($1-$5)


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