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Meme Meeting of SCIENCE Discution! by The-Queen-Of-Mokonas Meme Meeting of SCIENCE Discution! :iconthe-queen-of-mokonas:The-Queen-Of-Mokonas 30 18


Denmark x Depressed!Reader - Who You Really Are
     Two weeks.
     Two weeks since you had stopped texting him every day.
     Two weeks since your skin had started to grow paler.
     Two weeks since you started to wear baggier clothes than usual.
     Two weeks since your voice softened and you didn’t speak as much.
     Two weeks since a certain Dane had been worried sick about you. And the list could go on.
     Matthias honestly didn’t know what to do. What had caused you to change? Did something happen? He didn’t know. And it was killing him.
     Ever since two weeks ago, your behavior had changed. Instead of being the loud, laughable, fun person that you always were, you had started talking less, and always seemed to think before you said anything, which was far from being the I-always-say-what-comes-to-mind-first-with-no-regrets _____.
:iconcalexy:Calexy 653 164
Midnight Fears (Denmark x Reader)
An exhausted sigh escaped your rosy lips as you slipped into your small bed and wrapped the fuzzy, soft blanket around you. It was at least 3 in the morning, but only now were you going to bed- over the course of the past 4 hours, you had read the entire Slenderwiki, looked at as much evidence that Slenderman was real that you could find, and played the Slender game, almost completely alone in a mansion.
You tossed and turned for a bit before getting comfortable and closing your eyes. 'This bed is sooo co--' your peaceful train of thought was interrupted though when you snapped your eyes open, swearing that you felt a sinister presence standing before your bed. However, it seemed that your mind was playing tricks on you because there was no one expect you in the room.
Silently scolding yourself for getting scared so easily, you shut your eyes once again, but not even 5 minutes later, an ominous sound filled the dark room.
Tap, tap, tap.
You froze, (e/c) eyes widening si
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 693 304
Denmark x Reader - Drunken Suprises
Living with Denmark was the easiest thing in the world, but it sure was fun. In the morning, if he happened to wake up earlier, he'd make breakfast. The kitchen usually always smelled of pastries, and you could eat cake almost all the time. He made sure you were never bored, always cracking jokes to make you smile, sometimes he taught you Danish or cooking, and even offering to take you somewhere on a dull day.
But today was a bit weirder.
The Nordics had all gone out drinking together, they asked if you wanted to come, but you refused. You feigned laziness so that they could all go out and do a little 'bonding'. So you stayed at home, all snuggled up in blankets, surrounded by snacks, watching a few horror movies.
Just as the evil spirit jumped out of nowhere, the girl screamed, and you laughed, the door opened and a familiar blonde stumbled in. He laughed, clearly drunk, and announced his arrival. His sloppy movements lead him to the cou
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 59 73
Denmark x Reader - New Semester
Moving swiftly through the crowd, you made sure you were going in the right direction. Your Danish friend followed after you, speaking to you in his usual, laid back, child-like way.
"Is that a no as in 'no way in hell, you asshole' or a no as in 'no, I'm not completely sure'?" He questioned, hands making wild gestures as he spoke and walked beside you.
"Eh, little bit of both." You said, not giving the conversation much thought. It was just a little, random conversation Magnus[1] had started.
"So you'll be my chemistry partner!?" He beamed, a large grin forming on his lips and his bright blue eyes shining.
"Sure, why not? Besides, I think it'll be a nice way to kick off the year by making stuff explode." You replied, a carefree smirk creeping onto your features as you reached steps that would take you all the way to the third floor.
"I know you'd say yes! Who's the teacher for the class anyway? Do you know?" Magnus inquired, climbing up the stairs behind you, two steps at a time.
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 39 10
Hetalia Norway - Sketch/Doodle by AwesomePerson26 Hetalia Norway - Sketch/Doodle :iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 10 2
Norway x Reader - A Tale Of Six Trillion Years
A story of a boy.
Passed on by no one.
This is his story.
A young boy, no older than 10, with light blonde hair and deep amethyst eyes. His hair was dirty, shaded a light brown with specks of blood red. His eyes, that one would consider beautiful, were emotionless and unreadable. He wore torn clothes that did barely anything to shield him from the cold, but he had noticed something because of this. He couldn't feel the cold.
The warmth after rain, the kindness after a scolding, all of these things were unknown to him. In all his years of living, he had known nothing of them.
He knew his life was a nightmare. The constant violence, bloodshed, and scorning. It never got normal. It never became something he was accustomed to.
This is how he lived.
If one were to call this living.
Yet he still waited, waited for his death.
Constantly asking why.
Why he wouldn't die.
His dirtied blonde locks covered his eyes as he stared down. He didn't even look up at the girl who had been staring i
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 115 14
Norway x Reader - Happy Birthday!
Norway rolled over to see his [Name] getting dressed. She pulled her shirt on and Norway frowned. He missed the show. The [h/c] girl turned around and grinned when she saw the slightly dazed Norwegian. Hopping over to the bed she began to sing 'Alt For Norge' by Drillos, a favorite of hers even before she met Norway. The blonde only raised a brow as he waited for her to finish singing. He loved her voice more than anything. She hopped on the bed once she finished singing the song.
"Happy Birthday, Norway!" She chirped.
"Thanks, elsker (love)" He said in his usual monotone.
"Come on! I got a surprise for you~!" She sang. Both of them knew what it was. A birthday party with all Norway's friends and a couple of people [Name] knew. As Norway got ready [Name] made sure everything was set for her love's birthday. Quickly walking into their shared bedroom, the [h/c] girl pouted as Norway put his sailor suit shirt on and began working on his hair. She missed the show. As Norway finished gettin
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 105 64
Norway x Reader - Warm
Shifting slightly, you waited for her boyfriend to open the door. It was cold outside and beginning to snow.Once the door opened Norway immediately ushered the cold girl in.
"Sorry for making you wait a little. My troll nearly dropped a lamp." He took a moment to glare at the creature as it snickered.
"Ehehehe, it's alright! It was only a few minutes! Beside," You began walking over to the Norwegian, wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "you can warm me up~"
The smirk that formed on Norway's lips was not new to you. An innocent look made it's way onto your soft features as you looked up at the blonde. Swiftly pressing his lips to yours, Norway made sure his 'friends' were out of the room. Pressing you to the wall, he trailed kisses down your neck.
"N-Norway. . ." You whimpered softly as he bit down on your soft flesh.
"Yes, love?"
"I'm hungry. . . and I'm still cold. . ." You said with a pout.
Norway let out a chuckle. Pressing a soft kiss to your for
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 268 118
Reader x Norway- Reading
He pushed her down onto the bed softly and straddle her as he kissed her roughly but passionately sending shivers down the girl's spine. They began removing every article of clothing as the heat from their bodies kept rising. Oh they were losing themselves in the sweet feel of lust. The girl began rubbing slow circles on his chest as he was about to----
"What are you reading  ____?"
You quickly shut the book as Norway stared at you emotionlessly.
"N-nothing!" you said nervously
He slightly raised his eyebrow and sat down next to you on the couch.
It was then silent and you kept your eyes glued to the books cover, meanwhile praying Norway would leave.
After a few moments of awkward silence, Norway finally spoke.
"Is that Finland in a maid outfit?"
You quickly lifted your head up and dropped the book.
"EH?! Really? Where?" you looked around frantically, ready to pounce on Finland.
"Norway I don't see anything." You say before freezing in your spot.
The book you had been rea
:iconwammy0:WAMmy0 181 86
Out of Place [IwaizimxReaderxOikawa]
Your sweet voiced filled the silent cold winter air with warmth as Iwaizumi turned around to look at you.
You were currently running towards him with a piece of bread in one hand and your notebook in the other.
A small smile broke out on his face, “Ah why were you so cute?”
When you finally reached him, you took your time in gaining back you breath and then let out a small sigh, “Good Morning!”
“Morning, where’s Oikawa? Doesn’t he usually walk with you to school?”
“Don’t know.” you shrugged and took a bite out of your bread, “I was talking to him last night but I hung up on him since he wouldn’t stop asking who I like.”
“Hmmm so that means you do have someone you like?” Iwaizumi meant to say this in his head but he accidentally said his inner thoughts out loud.
You began blushing. “U-uh I-I guess. I mean I’m sure you two have someone you like too right?
:iconwammy0:WAMmy0 34 5
The Third Wheel
Once again you and Oikawa were arguing while Iwaizumi just watched, shaking his head in annoyance. This scene had started to become an everyday routine.
Iwaizumi sighed, he would never admit it out loud but he honestly enjoyed his time with the both of you. There was only one problem, his growing jealousy.
He had never had a problem seeing you and Oikawa together until the day he noticed the sudden gleam in Oikawa’s eyes whenever you were mentioned. The way his friends face would brighten up as soon as he looked at you. As soon as he realized his friends feelings for you, he began noticing how out of place he felt. He was the third wheel. After all you and Oikawa hung out even when he wasn't there.
Unfortunately you and him weren't as close as he thought you were and this was beginning to distress him. He sighed once again, how could he and Oikawa like the same girl?
“Oikawa!” Iwaizumi snapped back to reality as he heard your yell.
You were currently jumping up and do
:iconwammy0:WAMmy0 98 13
jealous cat. // kozume kenma.
You loved Kozume Kenma.
You loved every inch of him. From the face he makes when he gets a new game to the way he looked at you when you wake up in the morning.
And you especially loved the way he acted around you when he gets jealous.
Which is how he's acting right now as you talked to one of your male friends.
He kept his distance and was silent but he stared intently at your friend. It was bad enough for him that you gave that guy your attention. Now you were laughing along with him. 'What are they even talking about?'
He wasn't having any of this. Nope. Not at all. So he just up and left to his usual spot: The back of the school.
10 minutes have passed since Kenma left and you haven't noticed yet. Your conversation with your friend was cut short when he got a call from his girlfriend about him being late for their date.Rushed 'goodbyes' were exchanged and you waved at your friend who now was rushing out the gate. As you turned back, you notice your boyfriend was g
:iconpinksoymilk:pinksoymilk 420 23
bed hair | kuroo tetsurou
You were concerned. Like, deeply concerned. Probably with yourself, but more with the boy sitting next to you.
Kuroo Tetsurou with his natural, magical ‘bed hair’.
God knows why, but you just spent about half an hour just staring at your best friend’s hair, mentally arguing with yourself about the concept of his hair and you were beginning to doubt that it wasn’t actually his bed hair, rather, his hair style.
But it’s not the first time you had these contemplating thoughts. God no. Every single day as you both ride the train together to school, you’d always use the time to take in the small details and changes that seem to shape his hair.
‘Oh god I can’t do this. His hair. His hair. Goddammit! I swear to God he put gel on his hair today!’ You glare at Kuroo’s oh-so-perfect bed hair in irritation and you huff to yourself.
‘It looks freaking good today, why?!’
Your only concer
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 254 64
Tales of Zestiria - Edna by princessanastasia14 Tales of Zestiria - Edna :iconprincessanastasia14:princessanastasia14 30 32 Tales of Zestiria - Sorey+ Mikleo by sakurasaki0221 Tales of Zestiria - Sorey+ Mikleo :iconsakurasaki0221:sakurasaki0221 35 5 The Water Seraph by sorashokida The Water Seraph :iconsorashokida:sorashokida 44 10


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