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Meme Meeting of SCIENCE Discution! by The-Queen-Of-Mokonas Meme Meeting of SCIENCE Discution! :iconthe-queen-of-mokonas:The-Queen-Of-Mokonas 27 18


Tobio Kageyama x Reader :Naps:
The bell signifying the end of your school day had rung a good half hour prior to the moment, just as you were about to exit the building you notice your backpack seemed much lighter than usual, initially meaning you had forgotten something in your plethora of school materials stashed in the grasp of your assigned desk. So you walked back into your scheduled prison to retrieve your nightly homework for tomorrow's pile of lectures and assignments.
Not expecting anybody to be in the class at the time you plan to open the door with a quick shove only dealing with the task at hand until you hear a light snore emit from the other side, you slide the door open slowly careful not to wake the unknown person and mindfully step in.
You take a glance around the seemingly deserted classroom to find one abandoned member from Class 3, the heat begins to rise into your cheeks when you get a look at his face.
You had never thought much of Kageyama, he does have good looks, and he does look pretty cute
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 39 2
Futakuchi Kenji x Reader :Wisdom Teeth:
(A/N) I was reading volume 5 of Haikyuu!! And I saw this idiot’s current worry so I had to write for it!!)
Current worry: He has to go and get his wisdom teeth pulled.
Resting head against her shoulder the whole car ride, all he could think about was all the needles or pliers and definitely the drugs that would be inputted into his body for the next hour.
The thoughts are terrifying…
What if something goes wrong?
Or what if his stitches come out and he gets dry socket!?

He takes a deep breath trying not to focus on anything bad, at least his girlfriend came along to comfort him.
“Kenji. You're not worrying are you?”
Raising up from his girlfriend’s tiny shoulder he flashes her a tiny smile reassuring her that he’s fine, he’s gonna be fine.
He looked like a madman, his pupils contracted, hair lightly mussed
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 47 6
Keishin Ukai x Reader :Early Riser:
:Early Riser:
Walks early enough to watch the sunrise and hour later were your forte.
The tasteful mixture of blues, purples and the faintest of pinks and yellows all meeting together to form one big mural.
Strolling through the sidewalks that guaranteed a never-ending adventure.
Memories start to flood into your mind, comforting ones.
Ones from when you were in your days of youth.
Before you owned your own apartment, before you had to pay bills or keep a job, before you no longer had time to have fun.
Continuing on your peaceful trail the scent of smoke begins to get a strong title and finally, the scent becomes a visible line ascending itself into the colors you’d come to love for years.
A man who sits behind his shop window relieving his mind with sticks of tobacco.
A man with a masculine posture to assist with his ‘bad boy’
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 36 30
Ukai Keishin | Jackpot
The weak light of the morning pierced through the curtain, reminding you the night was officially over. The rain was pattering against the window in the background but you were pleasantly buzzed and relaxed with the endorphins of the nights bedroom activities. You moan into the plump pillow, stretching your limbs before finally rolling to face your lover.
"Morning." Ukai's voice is deep and sensual, his tousled hair fell in disarray over his forehead and his dark chocolate eyes gleamed with a mix of emotions you couldn't place. So instead of wracking your brain over it, you tugged him forward and kissed his carved lips. His rough stubble contrasts deliciously with your sensitive skin and it took him a moment of hesitation, as if he wasn't sure how to respond, before diving full force.
Pressing your back onto the mattress, his tongue glides against yours, tasting of hot male arousal and a hint of your essence from the endless hours of lovemaking. When he finally pulls away Ukai looks do
:iconyoshiina:yoshiina 172 8
Reunion (Ukai Keishin x Reader)
Moving day.
Today was the day that you have been waiting for ever since you started high school. After intense studying for your college entrance exams, you have been accepted into the school of your dreams. Your parents even helped you find an apartment nearby the university you were attending. Though everything was exciting, you couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness. Yes, you were excited for the independence you were gaining, but for some reason you couldn't bring yourself to be super excited about leaving your hometown. Even though you were going to miss your parents, you knew they were happy to see you grow up. They were probably happier than you would've liked, but they were still happy nonetheless. There was one person you cherished and you had to leave him behind. It was your best friend. Keishin Ukai.
"Alright [Name]," your father said as he put the last of your belongings into the trunk of his car. "Are you ready to go?"
"Yup!" you shouted. You plastered on a fake smile a
:iconlost-in-paradise666:lost-in-paradise666 26 4
Shorthair girl by D-anz Shorthair girl :icond-anz:D-anz 8 0 Mystic Messenger Characters by PandoraSpeaks Mystic Messenger Characters :iconpandoraspeaks:PandoraSpeaks 2 0 Bloom by Oddlem Bloom :iconoddlem:Oddlem 5 0 AT with TheOGBurrito by NanaThatha AT with TheOGBurrito :iconnanathatha:NanaThatha 9 1 Princess - Sneak Peak by DistantDream Princess - Sneak Peak :icondistantdream:DistantDream 375 7 [Open] Design adopt_235 by Lonary [Open] Design adopt_235 :iconlonary:Lonary 130 4 Badbugs Dark Mystery Peak Woods At Bucket-feet by mrsbadbugs Badbugs Dark Mystery Peak Woods At Bucket-feet :iconmrsbadbugs:mrsbadbugs 4 1
[anew.] Soulmate!AU // Daichi X Reader X Iwaizumi

Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate will say to you are tattooed on your wrist.
"The cuckoo has long been a symbol of new fate and conditions within the lives of humans."

"Did you happen to see a grey bird flying around here?"

You lightly trace your index finger over the jet black script etched precisely on your wrist, paying attention to the crisp edges of each letter, even spacing of each word, and the smooth curve and impeccable dotting of the finishing question mark.
Your soulmark, as everyone called it-- the first sentence your soulmate was to say to you upon meeting-- was divided into three lines; the first two with four words each, and the last with three.
You didn't particularly like the sizeable block of words inscribed on your wrist, but you would never tell anyone that-- after all, you were seen as one of the lucky ones. Your friends would constantly complain ab
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 65 20
Redo of Chibi Kawaii-Chan by 711BunnyGirlCute Redo of Chibi Kawaii-Chan :icon711bunnygirlcute:711BunnyGirlCute 8 5 555 Darmanitan ADOPTABLE by SpokenMind93 555 Darmanitan ADOPTABLE :iconspokenmind93:SpokenMind93 17 0 Akham villain  by HowXu Akham villain :iconhowxu:HowXu 158 11


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